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Caludin Caludin
A fun forum mainly for role playing, but has areas for discussion and creative things!
Gab A Ton Gab A Ton
We are a fun laid back community where you can Chat, Play and Chill without feeling under the pressure of too many rules.
Hidden Forest Hidden Forest
We are a general discussion forum where you can just chill out for a while and discuss anything on your mind. We also have a section dedicated to role-playing, however, you have to have 500 posts on the forum to post in the RPG section.
Juneberry's Jungle Juneberry’s Jungle
A haven for creative minds of all kinds.
Lost Worlds Sci-Fi and Fantasy Forum Lost Worlds Sci-Fi and Fantasy Forum
Lost Worlds caters for fans of all Sci-fi and Fantasy. General discussion, Fan Fiction, Graphic Arts, Role Play, Off Topic Discussion, Movie and TV News and Events.
Nightly Frights Nightly Frights
Your place for all things horror. Talk about your favorite literature, movie, TV show or video game from the horror genre. If you also know of any place on earth that is reportedly haunted, have questions about any mystical creatures, want to share your experiences about your favorite holiday Halloween or want to just discuss horror in general, then you can do those things here as well. We also have a “Villain of the Month” where the community can vote for their favorite horror villain and the villain with the most votes will be discussed in a special section on the forum for a whole month. If you love horror, this is the place to be!
WantSome Yaoi RP Forum WantSome Yaoi RP Forum
Originally started for yaoi fans, this play-by-post RP forum has expanded in focus to include all role play types and genres, be that original or fandom. With an active community, chatbox, games, fiction, and varied discussions, the forum has become a sociable, all-inclusive home online for many members. This is an adult-only RP forum for users who are over 18 years of age.