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Amaathyst Amaathyst
Personal blog with book reviews.
Entrial Tales Entrial Tales
My blog where I write about my personal life. I often write about anime, games, cartoons, role playing, and my offline life.
Frappe Thoughts Frappe Thoughts
A blog with no niche.
Hinagarasu Hinagarasu
Blogger from Philippines who randomly blogs about life and hobbies.
Just Geeking By Just Geeking By
Just your average four eyed disabled geek. This blog is my way of sharing my life and experiences as a disabled four eyed geek; all of which influence my life in various ways. I’ll be blogging about gaming stuff, life as a disabled student as well as posting beauty ideas, reviews and tutorials.
Mewsagi Mewsagi
Personal Blog featuring Art, Poetry, Crafts and more.
Moon Skulled Moon Skulled
Personal blog of Ariane.
Nerd Blocks Nerd Blocks
Blocks of Nerdy Things – Tech Gaming Blog
Path to Harmony Path to Harmony
Just another nicheless blog. Topics may include geekery, restaurant reviews, and eco-friendly living.
The Fireside Chats The Fireside Chats
This is my own blog about all things related to the world of literature. I’ll share with you what books I’m reading, discuss a movie or tv show based on literature that I’ve been watching, spotlight different authors, share some of my favorite books from my childhood, answer some literature related questions, etc. If you love to read, then this blog is for you!