Blogs (9)

Cliques (1)

Collectives (10)

These sites consist of only a journal and maybe some background information about the webmaster.

These sites allow members who share a common interest to come together.

These sites are dedicated to showing off all the sites owned by one webmaster.

Exchanges (0)

Fanlistings (2)

Fansites (2)

These sites offer links to your site through a button rotation or something similar.

These sites are dedicated to a particular thing of interest and people are able to sign up.

These sites are dedcated to a particular interest. They offer information about that object.

Forums (5)

Graphic Sites (5)

Hosting Sites (0)

A message board that is like a mini community where people go to talk to other people.

These sites offer graphics for others to use.

These sites offer hosting for your own website.

Personal Sites (8)

Plug Sites (0)

Portfolios (3)

These sites tell all about the webmaster. They usually have a blog/journal and some visitor content.

These sites consist of only a plugboard where you can plug your button in hopes for more visitors.

These sites show off work such as graphics, photography, and poetry for others to look at but not take.

Role Playing Games (16)

Shops (0)

Web Directories (2)

These sites offer games where players assume the roles of fictional characters via role-playing.

The main purpose of these sites is to sell goods and services.

These sites offer links to other sites. You are able to submit your own site.