These sites tell all about the webmaster. They usually have a blog/journal and some visitor content.

  • C04X14L’s Really Neat Site!

    This site is anything an everything! A nostalgia-themed site that’s an amalgamation of every weird widget and code that I could find!

  • Ethereal Goat

    An attempt to recapture the cute pixel phenomenon of the early 2000’s for the purpose of nostalgia & nothing else. Features goodies for the visitor, just like old times.


    HAZARDSIGNS is a digital sketchbook, an archive of completed works, and a library of favorite electronic tunes.

  • Imaginary Karin

    Personal domain filled with art and animals.

  • Kalechips

    Personal site and blog where I share my art, talk about cool animals, and generally engage in shenanigans.

  • Key’s Klubhouse

    Personal website featuring art, blog, recipes, graphics to share, trading games, and much, much less!

  • Love is Zero

    Come for the resources, and stay for the healthy dose of justice and activism. Love is Zero has a focus on both resources for graphics designs, and bloggers and being a blogger that cares about the world we all live in and share. As a millennial female from Florida who likes to blog, design, write, draw, and cook, so this site is a bit of everything and nothing. Your find rants about life and what is going on in the country, and recipes, art, and fanfiction. Join the fun.

  • MystSaphyr

    Personal site of a hobby artist & desktop musician who does stuff with VOCALOID and UTAU sometimes.

  • PunkFairie

    Personal Site

  • Seirdy’s Home

    Personal indie web site and blog for Seirdy. I write about and develop software to promote user autonomy. Topics include accessibility, privacy, security, software freedom, and search engines.

  • Stubborn Ox

    The personal site of a 30-something Canadian mom.

  • Valyce Negative

    Main hub for the art of Valyce Negative. Take a dive into a digital place where time has stopped and fantasy blends with retro technology, creating colorful dreams and nostalgic panoramas to get lost into.