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Stargate: Legacy Stargate: Legacy
A Stargate RPG set in Ida Galaxy on an old Asgard base. Come explore a new galaxy!
Survival of the Fittest Survival of the Fittest
Welcome to Survival of the Fittest! We are an AU Supernatural roleplay based loosely after Season 7.
The Future Begins Now The Future Begins Now
The year is 3015! And it has been centuries since a recorded age of heroes, it was only a matter of time before the peace that the United Planets offered would be shattered. That was until three teenagers would unwittingly become the hope the galaxy needed.
The Green Is Grass The Green Is Grass
A Multi-Purpose RP Conglomerate which focuses on a safe, drama-free environment for all RPers.
The Kingdom of Archades The Kingdom of Archades
The Kingdom of Archades is now accepting new players! In a realm where the tides of power have flowed strong for centuries, the force of change rises like the moon. The King is in failing health; his choice of heir has shocked the realm into action – whether for or against the heir is the question. Enemies and allies struggle with the ages old question – will history repeat itself, or will a new chapter in the annals of history be written across the face of Archades? The Kingdom of Archades is an original, medieval fantasy RPG, set in a highly active, open forum where the emphasis is on quality, creative writing and shared ideas. Simple applications. No word count per post. 18+ players preferred, please.
The Last Island The Last Island
Real life/survival site. It’s 2020 and most of the world is now underwater.
The Palace of Role Play The Palace of Role Play
Welcome to the Palace of Role Play, where the only limit to a realm of writing and creativity is your own imagination! We are a forum dedicated to the written word. With sections for creative writing, expository writing, and role play, there’s a little something for everyone.
The Uncanny X-Men RPG The Uncanny X-Men RPG
Established in 2002, the Uncanny X-Men RPG is based in the 616 comic universe after the Age of Apocalypse but before the events of Onslaught, though we are always looking for players who are interested in adapting newer mutants to fit our universe. We are a play-by-post role-playing community that features endless writing opportunities and exhilarating board-wide plotlines Original characters are welcome, and many canon characters remain available for new players. Your presence at the Xavier Institute has been requested. Will you answer the call?
Twilight Voices Twilight Voices
Twilight Voices is a Play-by-Post Vampire: The Masquerade game. We have recently been created and are looking for new players to join us. The game is creative writing based, so you need not be completely (or at all) familiar with the V:tM rules to participate. We are looking for players who love to write and enjoy the horror and gothic elements of the time period.
Underland Underland
Welcome Take a step into the unknown. In the past, one could only dream of humans who have wings and artificial humanoids that develop emotions, but in Underland, the lines separating fantasy and reality are blurred, and diversity can be found everywhere. An Alice in Wonderland RP.
Winter Is Coming Winter Is Coming
If you’re looking for a new and laid back community to roleplay your favourite series be sure to stop by. The community is rated M for mature and welcomes all adult roleplayers. Most of us are what you would call Novella/Multi paragraph roleplayers. At this current time we have no stats and a very simple application process. We believe in leaving the drama at the door and invite you to roleplay to your hearts content. The Storyline is unique. We follow the story up to the point that Joffrey is King, but what you do after that is up to you. You can roleplay your character at various stages in different roleplays. Everything you do is a part of your characters history. We believe this gives you more opportunity to expand as a roleplayer. If you’re looking for some creative freedom while still honoring the show and books, join us today!
Witch Storm Witch Storm
Witch Storm is one of the oldest and most established Black Jewels RPGs on the web, having celebrated our fifth anniversary in August, 2013. We have a small, close knit community that is always looking for new ideas, character dynamics and plots. Our dedicated staff is friendly and accepting of people from all walks of life and all new members are given a chance to really get involved. The environment is consistently changing and ruler and other plot-heavy positions are always opening, giving people maximum opportunity to role play out their greatest fantasies to their heart’s content. We hope to welcome you into our fold soon!