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Magical Hogwarts Magical Hogwarts
Magical Hogwarts is a post-war Harry Potter RPG set in the year 2000. We have an expansive setting. We feature Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang, as well as offer multiple areas for adult characters to play as well. Players of all levels are welcome.
Mass Effect: Continuum Mass Effect: Continuum
It has been one year sine the end of the Reaper War. The Reapers, mysteriously docile, are repairing the relay network. The way to Palaven, Khar’Shan, Sur’Kesh, and Thessia is open, allowing soldiers to return home and people to rebuild. The Citadel has been moved back to the Serpent Nebula, and the Normandy has returned. Mass Effect: Continuum is a no-word-count, text-based post-trilogy RPG.
Mayberry Mayberry
Ever wanted that chance to put your own spin on the world’s favorite superheroes? Now is your chance! This is the town of Mayberry, and here in this town, you play the heroes! We’re a strictly cannon character RPG, but there’s a twist: the heroes don’t know who they are! Captain America is the Sheriff, Lex Luther is the Mayor, and Superman is just a farmer! The characters are cannon, but their histories are all yours. Who brought them here? And for what purpose? How long is this alternate reality going to last? How will the characters’ stories collide and change? Choas is coming. This game is played on Google Groups.
Mithra Weyr Mithra Weyr
Mithra Weyr is a 10th Pass AU Pern Universe. AVIAS failed to do it’s job to rid Pern of thread, and instead it’s irradiated the creatures. Strange colors have been popping up since the incident, and the watch whers have grown stronger, with the ability to fully fly like dragons and speak just as well. Weyrs like Benden have refused the new colors, and stand as one of the few Weyrs who only have the original five. Mithra Weyr was built to house the new colors, letting them live freely without restrictions. Golds have become all the more rare because of the mutations, and the world is waiting to see the fate of the Weyrs who only support them as queens. Thread looms on the horizon and Mithra Weyr needs riders to protect it from the impending doom.
Nacht Region Nacht Region
Nacht Region is a statless Shadow Pokemon rpg set in the midst of a civil war between the dictatorship government and its people. Civillians are going missing, pokemon and being turned shadow, and the threat of brainwashing those who rebel has become all too real. This is not your typical happy-go-lucky pokemon roleplay. Here in Nacht… glory and gore go hand in hand.
On The Darkside On The Darkside
An alternative reality fantasy RPG.
Pokemon: Forever Forgotten Pokemon: Forever Forgotten
A Pokemon City RPG; Jcink.
Relashio Relashio
A four era Harry Potter roleplaying forum. No word count; Canon & Originals!
Revaliir Revaliir
An original RP site set in a high fantasy medieval setting.
Sirocco Weyr Sirocco Weyr
A semi-canon DRoP roleplay set at the beginning of the 3rd pass. No WC. No app.
The Ericourt The Ericourt
The Ericourt is an advanced 3/3/3 renaissance-esque play-by-post roleplay with a focus on court intrigue where the characters shape the world.
The Games The Games
An Everything Crossover RR.
The Kingdom of Archades The Kingdom of Archades
The Kingdom of Archades is now accepting new players! In a realm where the tides of power have flowed strong for centuries, the force of change rises like the moon. The King is in failing health; his choice of heir has shocked the realm into action – whether for or against the heir is the question. Enemies and allies struggle with the ages old question – will history repeat itself, or will a new chapter in the annals of history be written across the face of Archades? The Kingdom of Archades is an original, medieval fantasy RPG, set in a highly active, open forum where the emphasis is on quality, creative writing and shared ideas. Simple applications. No word count per post. 18+ players preferred, please.
The Palace of Role Play The Palace of Role Play
Welcome to the Palace of Role Play, where the only limit to a realm of writing and creativity is your own imagination! We are a forum dedicated to the written word. With sections for creative writing, expository writing, and role play, there’s a little something for everyone.
The Uncanny X-Men RPG The Uncanny X-Men RPG
Established in 2002, the Uncanny X-Men RPG is based in the 616 comic universe after the Age of Apocalypse but before the events of Onslaught, though we are always looking for players who are interested in adapting newer mutants to fit our universe. We are a play-by-post role-playing community that features endless writing opportunities and exhilarating board-wide plotlines Original characters are welcome, and many canon characters remain available for new players. Your presence at the Xavier Institute has been requested. Will you answer the call?
Under the White-Gold Tower Under the White-Gold Tower
A third era elder scrolls RPG.
Underland Underland
Welcome Take a step into the unknown. In the past, one could only dream of humans who have wings and artificial humanoids that develop emotions, but in Underland, the lines separating fantasy and reality are blurred, and diversity can be found everywhere. An Alice in Wonderland RP.
Unmasked Valor Unmasked Valor
We are a DC-Comics RPG based loosely off Young Justice (taking place after Season 2 of the show) but make it super easy to join in even if you have never seen the show. We accept originals and canons, no one faction will get all the plot-love, and we are definitely flexible with canons (featured in the show or not). Please, before you rule out a canon or idea, please feel more than free to ask an admin. We would be more than happy to help fit them in.
USS Nimoy USS Nimoy
We are a player-input centric simulation, taking into account everyone’s desires and positions before starting missions. If you have a character that’s biting to be played in a thought-provoking, plot and development-driven arena, then I invite you to take a visit to the USS Nimoy today! [Part of Obsidian Fleet]
Wicked Grace Wicked Grace
Dragon Age Inquisition RP – oc&original characters ; POST-CORYPHEUS