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Dragons' Cove Dragons’ Cove
We’re a group of friendly, active roleplayers who write to a variety of lengths, with all sorts of characters… at a glance, we have dragons, humans, elves, avians- and then the more unusual, including a goblin, a water sylph and a lich to name a few! As for the dragons, we have a special system where you can choose an ‘egg colour’ from a nest of five colours, giving you the opportunity to receive different breeds of dragon to roleplay. We also have an awesome plot that’s rolling along nicely with new boards starting soon, and loads of other roleplay on the side.
Edolon Edolon
Life in a medieval court, with all the intrigues, madness and backstabbing. Rated M.
Elenlond Elenlond
Elenlond is an original, free-form medieval fantasy RPG with a world that’s as broad as it is unique. Calling on characters of all kinds, the sky’s the limit in a world where boundaries are blurred and the imagination runs rampant. Restrictions are limited and members are encouraged to embrace their creativity, to see where they can go and what they can do. It’s no longer just text on a page—it becomes real.
Elysian Fields Elysian Fields
An exciting community-built roleplay where mystery and excitement unfold! Explore the volcanoes of Dardanos or the hidden wonders of the Fae Forest, but beware! Danger lurks around every corner.
Evil Eyes: The Mummy Evil Eyes: The Mummy
Evil Eyes: The Mummy is a post The Mummy Returns Role Playing Game set a year after the climax of the series, bringing back our old favorites. It tells the tale of the Karawan Amulets, two powerful amulets created by the Egyptian Gods Hathor and Set for Pharaoh Seti I. The race to find the Karawan Amulets continues in 1934 as new participants are summoned by fate to partake in a deadly globetrotting race that began in ancient times.
Ex Astris Scientia Ex Astris Scientia
Based on the 2009 Star Trek movie-verse, this is where young cadets will learn it all… Starfleet Academy.
Fabled Fabled
Elemental fantasy shifter RPG. A no word count, quality over quantity RPG, where profiles are optional and there are very few limitations for characters. With only simple guidelines to follow, the world is designed to be shaped by the characters themselves: create your own alliance, participate in and submit interactive events, and hone your character’s magical powers through posting. Fabled is overseen by dedicated creators, who value creativity and the spirit of writing.
Fallen Idols Fallen Idols
An AU Supernatural site following Season Seven.
Final Fantasy Worldz Final Fantasy Worldz
An active, text roleplaying site based on a myriad of Final Fantasy games from FFI – FFXIII.
Fireflies Fireflies
We are a roleplaying site based on the MTV show ‘Teen Wolf’, set at the beginning of season 3. We accept canons as well as original characters and have currently one extra species added: skin-walkers, who are humans with the ability to tranform into animals.
Galao Sorcen Galao Sorcen
Galao is a world where magic, or sorcery, is commonplace, but those that possess it are not always welcome by ordinary people. Some sorcerers work to protect Galao from the destructive properties of magic, while others desire ultimate power in the pursuit of total conquest. There are even those that believe magic has never been a gift, but that it is a curse upon the sinful nature inherent to mankind. Furthermore, not everyone that harnesses magic intends to profit from it or use it more than is absolutely necessary.
Gilded Youth Gilded Youth
20 years ago Tom Riddle got a job at Hogwarts…now he’s murdering students…
God Crushed God Crushed
Set in a fantasy-ish world, with the Greek gods as characters to play, things have greatly changed. Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Ares, Poseidon, and Persephone have all had their physical bodies destroyed by a new goddess that has risen up born from the hatred the humans feel towards the gods of old. One by one she seeks to not only over throw the gods and take their powers, but to also rule over the mortals.
Greater Realms Greater Realms
GR is a free form, multi-genre, multi-fandom play by post, Live RP chat room website.
Happily Ever Afters Happily Ever Afters
An animated Disney crossover RPG. Happily Ever Afters is a game that explores the world of Rohandor, a mystical kingdom on another plane of existence from our own. Here our favorite Disney heroes and villains live in a world that is all their own. Alive, but far from well. Time passes much more quickly in Rohandor and many long and happy years have gone by since the characters retired to enjoy their respective ‘happily ever afters,’ their greatest foes were imprisoned in the Forever Stone, bound in an eternal sleep. Until now. Come join us in an epic adventure to save the kingdom of Rohandor from utter destruction!
Hogwarts Redux Hogwarts Redux
Unique Post-Potter RPG featuring Hogwarts School and our new Hogwarts University. Original and cannon characters welcome!
Hou Tian Hou Tian
It’s been eight years since the Phoenix King’s fall, yet unrest festers within the Nations. Will you join the Avatar and seek to restore balance… or fight to destroy it?
In Middle Earth In Middle Earth
This RPG forum is based mainly in J.R.R.Tolkien’s books concerning the Lord of the Rings. This forum takes place after the War of the Ring amidst the new challenges and problems of an ever-changing world. We hope you enjoy your time here and register with us. This forum has been active for the past 7 years.
Interitus Interitus
Interitus is a Sci-Fi RP set in the fictional city of Adlai in North West USA. The Adveni revealed themselves in 2012, an alien race discovered to have been hiding amongst humans for years. Now, running the planet, humans are forced to be second class citizens in our own world, where we fight, or we die.
Limbo Limbo
Description Unavailable
Live Long and Prosper Live Long and Prosper
Star Trek Roleplay based in the Alternate Reality. The year is 2260 and the enterprise is on her five year deep space mission.
Maelstrom Into The Abyss Maelstrom Into The Abyss
An AU Black Jewels Trilogy RPG, set in a world on the brink of another war and full of intrigue and romance.
Magical Bonds Magical Bonds
A Roleplaying site for people to RP in the Marauder era of Harry Potter, set in the Marauders’ sixth year.
Mass Effect: Continuum Mass Effect: Continuum
It has been one year sine the end of the Reaper War. The Reapers, mysteriously docile, are repairing the relay network. The way to Palaven, Khar’Shan, Sur’Kesh, and Thessia is open, allowing soldiers to return home and people to rebuild. The Citadel has been moved back to the Serpent Nebula, and the Normandy has returned. Mass Effect: Continuum is a no-word-count, text-based post-trilogy RPG.
Naruto Storm RPG Naruto Storm RPG
A literate Naruto RP with 50+ members per day and growing August 2013.