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Elysian Fields Elysian Fields
An exciting community-built roleplay where mystery and excitement unfold! Explore the volcanoes of Dardanos or the hidden wonders of the Fae Forest, but beware! Danger lurks around every corner.
Experiments Experiments
We’re an original sci-fi/powers site. Citizens – powered and non-powered alike – are captured and experimented on by the Institute, but the Resistance plans to take it down.
Fallen Idols Fallen Idols
An AU Supernatural site following Season Seven.
Final Fantasy Worldz Final Fantasy Worldz
An active, text roleplaying site based on a myriad of Final Fantasy games from FFI – FFXIII.
Forged in Blood Forged in Blood
The world has turned into a dark reflection of what it once was. Once, humans ruled and supernatural beings hid in the shadows; only ten years ago, however, those very creatures turned the tables and enslaved them, taking from them all freedoms and leaving them nothing more than slaves and pets. Though some try to fight the status quo, there is little sympathy for those who rebel – and for some, it’s a death sentence… Or worse. Absolute power corrupts absolutely – and those who have it have no intention of giving it up.
Frontier Reloaded Frontier Reloaded
An original science fiction roleplay, set in a dystopian space western future. Heavily inspired by Aliens and Firely.
Gates of Heaven Gates of Heaven
After the Battle of Xander, it quickly became clear across the great Galactic Empires – the Nova Empire, the Skrull, the Kree and the Shi’ar, that the Mad Titan, Thanos, is seeking the Infinity Stones and the power they represent. He’s sent his servants out all across the galaxies to find them, and if he does nowhere is safe. As the word spreads, forces are marshaling from every corner of the universe to stop him, including a select few from the back-water planet of Earth which has seen more than its fair share of action surrounding the Stones. But Thanos is not the only one attracted by the prospects of such power and several other interested parties are preparing to make their move. It has become a race to see who will find and hold the Infinity Stones – will the heroes locate them and keep them safe or will they fall into the hands of those with more nefarious purposes in mind?
Gloria Patri Gloria Patri
The Borgia Pope has just taken seat in the most holy of thrones. He has the power to make or break Kings and kingdoms and rules the fate of all Christendom. But he is not a holy man, now charged with bribery and lechery many wish to depose him. One thing is certain, the Borgia Pope will change the fate of the Church forever, what is not certain is how your story will influence this tale.
Gone Gone
It started with a comet… or so that’s what people think. No one really knows what happened or what caused it. On the night of July 18th, the Earth passed through the tail of a comet, and after that, the world we all knew was gone. 99% of the world’s population disappeared overnight. Not only did humans disappear, but so did almost all life on the planet. — Gone is based on the movie Night of the Comet. There is no word count and a simple app. We welcome members of all writing levels.
Greater Realms Greater Realms
GR is a free form, multi-genre, multi-fandom play by post, Live RP chat room website.
Happily Ever Afters Happily Ever Afters
An animated Disney crossover RPG. Happily Ever Afters is a game that explores the world of Rohandor, a mystical kingdom on another plane of existence from our own. Here our favorite Disney heroes and villains live in a world that is all their own. Alive, but far from well. Time passes much more quickly in Rohandor and many long and happy years have gone by since the characters retired to enjoy their respective ‘happily ever afters,’ their greatest foes were imprisoned in the Forever Stone, bound in an eternal sleep. Until now. Come join us in an epic adventure to save the kingdom of Rohandor from utter destruction!
Hogwarts Redux Hogwarts Redux
Unique Post-Potter RPG featuring Hogwarts School and our new Hogwarts University. Original and cannon characters welcome!
Hou Tian Hou Tian
It’s been eight years since the Phoenix King’s fall, yet unrest festers within the Nations. Will you join the Avatar and seek to restore balance… or fight to destroy it?
In Middle Earth In Middle Earth
This RPG forum is based mainly in J.R.R.Tolkien’s books concerning the Lord of the Rings. This forum takes place after the War of the Ring amidst the new challenges and problems of an ever-changing world. We hope you enjoy your time here and register with us. This forum has been active for the past 7 years.
Interitus Interitus
Interitus is a Sci-Fi RP set in the fictional city of Adlai in North West USA. The Adveni revealed themselves in 2012, an alien race discovered to have been hiding amongst humans for years. Now, running the planet, humans are forced to be second class citizens in our own world, where we fight, or we die.
A Kingdom Hearts RP Forum with no plot, allows canons & originals, all levels of roleplay accepted. Been around for 10 years.
Maelstrom Into The Abyss Maelstrom Into The Abyss
An AU Black Jewels Trilogy RPG, set in a world on the brink of another war and full of intrigue and romance.
Mage Academy Mage Academy
The great mage Merlin once said ‘There are no mistakes in life, just lessons”, and on that belief, he started Mage Academy, one of many Safe Havens for the Magically Inclined and Mythical Creatures. A Magical University adventure through many twists ‘n turns, and ups n’ downs. Are you ready for the lesson of your life?
Magical Bonds Magical Bonds
A Roleplaying site for people to RP in the Marauder era of Harry Potter, set in the Marauders’ sixth year.
Magical Hogwarts Magical Hogwarts
Magical Hogwarts is a post-war Harry Potter RPG set in the year 2000. We have an expansive setting. We feature Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang, as well as offer multiple areas for adult characters to play as well. Players of all levels are welcome.
Mass Effect: Continuum Mass Effect: Continuum
It has been one year sine the end of the Reaper War. The Reapers, mysteriously docile, are repairing the relay network. The way to Palaven, Khar’Shan, Sur’Kesh, and Thessia is open, allowing soldiers to return home and people to rebuild. The Citadel has been moved back to the Serpent Nebula, and the Normandy has returned. Mass Effect: Continuum is a no-word-count, text-based post-trilogy RPG.
Nacht Region Nacht Region
Nacht Region is a statless Shadow Pokemon rpg set in the midst of a civil war between the dictatorship government and its people. Civillians are going missing, pokemon and being turned shadow, and the threat of brainwashing those who rebel has become all too real. This is not your typical happy-go-lucky pokemon roleplay. Here in Nacht… glory and gore go hand in hand.
Outland Outland
Multiverse fantasy/sci-fi mature role play site.
Relashio Relashio
A four era Harry Potter roleplaying forum. No word count; Canon & Originals!
Shelf Space Shelf Space
Gangs gone literary! With space on the library shelves scarce, the characters of your most beloved genres are banding together to secure their books’ places – and their lives. No word count, 3-2-2, & literate RPG.