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A Dividing Line A Dividing Line
An original vampire/human roleplay set in London with the existence of vampires on the brink of being revealed after being kept hidden by the government for over a century.
A Hundred Million Suns A Hundred Million Suns
A Hundred Million Suns is a post-series stargate atlantis game with a member-created board plot. We accept canons and original off-world team members, base personnel, and aliens.
Absit Omen Absit Omen
Absit Omen is a Harry Potter roleplaying game set ten years after the end of the series. Come take on the role of an original or canon character as you craft a new story in JK Rowling’s world!
Aelyn Reborn Aelyn Reborn
Fantasy Play by Post Wolf RP.
Aeterna Roma Aeterna Roma
An AU Ancient Rome RPG set in the Roman Empire in 58AD. Active and welcoming to new players.
African Stars Pack African Stars Pack
The African Stars Pack is a unique & outgoing canine roleplay based in the heart of Africa. The community within our group is very friendly and welcoming, so you’ll have no problems fitting right at home here! We all know that there are communities out there that soon dive into inactivity once you join, which is rather annoying. Well, here in ASP we are an active community! Whether we’re having an event or simply chatting and having fun – there is never a dull moment!
A wholock rpg.
Amrita Academy Amrita Academy
A mythological high school role play.
Armonia - the Glowing City Armonia – the Glowing City
A fantasy RP with magic, strange and wonderful beings, beautiful cities and dangerous villains. We accept both fantasy canons and OCs. Welcome to Armonia
Arolos Weyr Arolos Weyr
An active Pern play-by-email – running since 1999!
Assassin's Creed Revelations Assassin’s Creed Revelations
AU Assassin’s Creed rpg that brings chars of the old world into the 21st century.
Assassins Den Assassins Den
Assassin’s Den is a community built for fan fiction, original stories, and role playing. We also hold discussions, reviews, rants, and several other projects for our members to keep them entertained. We hope that you will take a look at Assassin’s Den! We are a small community who is only trying to grow as we gain a few members at a time. So if you have some spare time, come take a look and join our ranks! We will welcome you with open arms!
At The Bottom of Everything At The Bottom of Everything
We’re a next-gen HP RPG, set a little over 20 years after the battle of Hogwarts. There’s a whole new threat to magical Britain!
Avengers Rising Avengers Rising
Avengers Rising picks up in the aftermath of the Avengers movie and skews off into its own continuity as we create our own stories incorporating our own ideas as well as ideas and character adaptations from the comic universe We have moved and reopened! Come join us!
Axiom Roleplaying Axiom Roleplaying
The Axiom is an Old Republic Era, Star Wars based Roleplaying community that houses both The Empire and The Republic who are in a constant struggle for Galactic Supremacy. Filled with Intrigue and War, Light and Darkness, Love and Hatred.
Battlestar Acheron Battlestar Acheron
Battlestar Galactica RPG, based on the Battlestar Acheron, where we unite and fight for survival.
Before the Mast Before the Mast
1720, West Indies. Allied Navies and privateers fighting pyracy. Which side are you on? Sharpen your blades and raise to swashbuckling adventure, spreading death before the mast!
Blood Rites Blood Rites
An advanced au bjt rpg.
Bordertown Bordertown
Welcome to Bordertown, Elfland on Earth and haven to runaways, waifs, exiles and strays, where wolfboys own bookshops and elves rip guitar solos. Make your story– run away to Bordertown.
Canon World of Harry Potter Canon World of Harry Potter
A post-Potter canon RPG that is unique to HP RP’s because of the In-Character systems of play for Quidditch, Dueling, Gobstones, and Shuntbumps.
Chronicles of Thedas Chronicles of Thedas
A Dragon Age play by post game set in an AU version of Thedas.
Dawn of Empires Dawn of Empires
Set in the dawning of a new reign, where young King Cailen Shellten is looking for friends, and his father’s murderers, Dawn of Empires is a romantic fantasy RPG full of Tourneys, Balls and Intrigue.
Demons in my Nightmares Demons in my Nightmares
In a world where the monsters of legend have been forced to hide from the weaker human race, is it finally time to come out of the coffin?
Divergent Factions RPG Divergent Factions RPG
Divergent Factions RPG is a continuing story of the apocalyptic world of Divergent, by Veronica Roth. You don’t have to read the books, as everything is explained and there is a whole new interesting plot.
Door Door
Door is a unique Post-Apocalyptic RPG where you can bring any character from almost any universe through a magic door.