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Aqua Cure Aqua Cure
Aqua Cure focuses on video game graphics with a bit of Anime on the side.
Beguiler Beguiler
Beguiler provides anime, manga, video game, Asian celebrity, and Asian drama related graphic designs and resources for your use and are 100% free.
Cursed Mortality Cursed Mortality
A graphics site centralized around the series: D.Gray-man, but I also offers graphics from other series as well as non-anime graphics from my favorite TV Shows!
Evening Star Evening Star
Site where I offer free resources and free layouts – also custom made.
LAM Designs LAM Designs
Lam designs offers graphics,resources,tutorials and more.
 Prismlights Prismlights
Prismlights provides free resources for its visitors’ editing needs. It also has various tutorials and possibly free pre-made graphics in the near future.
Re-Animator.net Re-Animator.net
Levi’s graphics depository featuring free downloadable web layouts, wallpapers, fan stamps, and more.
Unbreakable Unbreakable
Unbreakable is not your average site. It’s filled with a variety of resources, downloads, tutorials and more.