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Caludin Caludin
A fun forum mainly for role playing, but has areas for discussion and creative things!
Lost Worlds Sci-Fi and Fantasy Forum Lost Worlds Sci-Fi and Fantasy Forum
Lost Worlds caters for fans of all Sci-fi and Fantasy. General discussion, Fan Fiction, Graphic Arts, Role Play, Off Topic Discussion, Movie and TV News and Events.
WantSome Yaoi RP Forum WantSome Yaoi RP Forum
Originally started for yaoi fans, this play-by-post RP forum has expanded in focus to include all role play types and genres, be that original or fandom. With an active community, chatbox, games, fiction, and varied discussions, the forum has become a sociable, all-inclusive home online for many members. This is an adult-only RP forum for users who are over 18 years of age.