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Bananas Bananas
This is a fanlisting for the Donkey Kong Country series.
Beastman Beastman
Fanlisting for the Teen Titans episode entitled “The Beast Within”.
Boisterous Boisterous
Fanlisting for Helen of Claymore.
Bonds of Friendship Bonds of Friendship
Fanlisting and fanshrine for the relationship between Sai and Uzumaki Naruto fo the anime/manga series Naruto.
Brand New Day Brand New Day
Fanlisting and shrine for the television series Cleopatra 2525.
Calling Card Calling Card
A fanlisting approved by TAFL.org for the anime and manga series Lupin the Third.
Child's Dream Child’s Dream
Fanlisting for the song “Dark Chest of Wonders” by Nightwish.
Dark Side Dark Side
Fanlisting for the movie Batman Returns, directed by Tim Burton. Listed at TFL.org
Dark Waters Dark Waters
Fanlisting for the relationship between superheros Raven and Aqualad.
Defenders of Humanity Defenders of Humanity
Fanlisting for the anime OVA series Bubblegum Crisis, it’s sequel Bubblegum Crash!, and the spin-off series Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040.
Dream Imporium Dream Imporium
Fanlisting for the song “Storytime” by Nightwish.
Duelist Duelist
Fanlisting for the relationship between Kaiba Seto and Yami Yuugi aka Pharaoh Atemu of Yuugioh (Yu-Gi-Oh!).
Ebony Ebony
Fanlisting for black nail polish.
Egotist Egotist
Fanlisting for Brad Crawford of Schwarz from the anime series Weiss Kreuz and Weiss Kreuz Gluhen.
Elegance Elegance
Fanlisting and fanshrine for Dorothy Catalonia of Gundam Wing.
Empty Bliss Empty Bliss
Fanlisting for the song “I’m So Sick” by Flyleaf.
Everybody Needs Somebody Everybody Needs Somebody
TAFL-listed fanlisting for the song “Dareka ga” by PUFFY AmiYumi which was used as the theme song for the 3rd Naruto Shippuuden movie Inheritors of the Will of Fire.
Explosions and Hugs Explosions and Hugs
Fanlisting for All Characters of Teen Titans.
Fallen Angel Fallen Angel
Fanlisting for digital monster LadyDevimon from the card game and anime series Digimon.
Fire Breathers Fire Breathers
Fanlisting for the dragons of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.
Fun, Tears, and Cats Fun, Tears, and Cats
An Azumanga Daioh series fanlisting approved by TAFL.org.
Go Go-Kart Go Go Go-Kart Go
A fanlisting approved by TheFanlistings.org for the video game series Mario Kart.
Hard Bop Jazz Hard Bop Jazz
The AnimeFanlistings.org aprroved song fanlisting for Tank! from the anime Cowboy Bebop.
Head First Head First
Fanlisting for the relationship between Yuuya Asou and Ran Kotobuki of Super GALS!
Hungry? Hungry?
Fanlisting for Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish snack crackers.