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21 September 21 September
On the 21 September network you will find all the domains that I own, as well as some other (hosted) sites that I manage.
Blood To Death Blood To Death
Blood To Death is the home of many websites that Dye has created and currently cultivates. Here you can browse through all of them and even visit a few. The websites showcased here range from a button rotation all the way to her fanlisting collective. Don’t forget to stop by the graphic design website as well. Check out the network page for more details about each website as well as upcoming ones (if any).
By the Stars By the Stars
A fanlisting collective, created and maintained by Emelie. By the Stars is where I keep all the fanlistings I own and the ones I have joined.
Hai, Douzo? Hai, Douzo?
This is Dye’s fanlisting collective. Here you can find fanlistings she has joined as well as the ones she has created and or currently owns.
I Heart You I Heart You
A fanlisting collective where you can find all the fanlistings that I own and maintain, as well as a list of fanlistings that I’ve joined.
Movie Lover Movie Lover
This site houses my fanlists.
Mystique Charm Mystique Charm
A fanlisting collective of Vivian Lee which is a home to all my favourite fanlistings, both owned by me and the ones which I have joined.
Reckless Addict Reckless Addict
A network site owned by Shinkara featuring all of her owned sites. It also acts as the main collective of all the fanlistings she owns/joins!