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Adorium Adorium
Work and progress of an illustration student.
Adriculous Adriculous
A blog and personal site of an Asian girl filled with a hodgepodge of win!
Anna Röd Anna Röd
Filmmaker by day, personal health care assistant by night. I blog about my everyday life with depression and finding my place in the world as well as my filmmaking and geeky interests.
Dead Winter's Night Dead Winter’s Night
A personal blog for science fiction, fantasy, gaming, music and alternative fashion.
Empfire Empfire
The personal blog of a 20 year old university student, living in Liverpool.
Entrial Tales Entrial Tales
Blog about my daily life. It often will contain manga/anime, games, role playings, and other such related things!
Imperfect Angel Imperfect Angel
A blog about my thoughts and rants.
Janepedia Janepedia
Life, allergies, movies, TV, food and more—by Liz Lawson. Formerly 6birds.
Jovers Jovers
The blog of a college student who loves books a little too much.
Maladjusted-freak Maladjusted-freak
Blog from a UK girl who seems to be trying her hand at a few creative outlets.
Mommy, Queen of the Universe Mommy, Queen of the Universe
Living the dream of my life ~ affirmations, wisdom for your path.
Oh So Kawaii Oh So Kawaii
A collection of some of the most adorable hand made accessories you will find on the web. Also home to the blog of the creator, sarah. Also known as Miss Venus Fury, gamer girl,and burlesque and lindy hop dancer wonder woman!
Ruby Wings Blog Ruby Wings Blog
Just your average four eyed disabled geek. This blog is my way of sharing my life and experiences as a disabled four eyed geek; all of which influence my life in various ways. I’ll be blogging about gaming stuff, life as a disabled student as well as posting beauty ideas, reviews and tutorials.
The Blog Of Emma Lowther The Blog Of Emma Lowther
This small blog is owned by an enthusiastic wanna be journalist, with a passion for writing! Posts include events in the news, film/music reviews and some of my everyday ramblings thrown in. Drop by if you fancy a laugh (usually at my expense).
Underdog Prince Underdog Prince
The tales of an underdog prince.